Konica KD-500 Zoom review

Started Nov 30, 2004 | User reviews
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Konica KD-500 Zoom review

Firstly my credentials - I am an amateur photographer but I teach advanced Photoshop..
Secondly - I absolutely Love this little camera and have probably shot more photos on it than my other cameras combined (Currently Nikon F80 (Film) and D70 (DSLR))

This review is a little late, seeing as the Model is no longer in production - but I prefer it to the latter models i.e 510Z and the 600..... because it just looks so bloody good!!. I really think they got the design 'right' on this model... and the gunmetal grey stands out from the ubiquitous silver/steel/chrome/grey-white plastic!!

This is a tough little Rolls Royce of a camera - A quality point and shoot. Its limitations - little control of aperture/speed/DOF/over-powerful flash etc in some ways can encourage MORE imaginative picture taking.. And I have enough published images to bare testimony to its quality..

A quick creative suggestion.. try animal portraiture using the excellent Macro Mode... The detail is extraordinary with little fringing or artefacts...and nothing that cant be improved with some basic PS.... like any digital image...

OK its never going to quite acheive the quality of RAW files post processed or the best Medium/ Large Format film cameras but I have put quite a few of these images through 'professional' hands delighting in not letting on that they have come from a 'point and shoot'.


Faults (some mentioned in other reviews in this section):
1. The battery charger is fast... and fast to stop working ..4 have packed in on me and they just sit at home.. no damage or abuse... they just stop working...
2. Yes the sliding cover does put scratch marks on the face of the camera... shame cos its otherwise so well designed.
3 The Flash could light the whole of London! (So find other ways to suppress it...!)
4 The strange Internal Memory.. Fine with just a SD... but with MS in as well... keeps jumping to internal memory regardless of defaults set.
5 One further GOOD point I love the coloured menus. Green for play.. Red for Record etc..NICE Little Touch.

Happy shooting - Stroma

Konica KD-500 Zoom
5 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 39 – 117 mm (3×)
Announced: Sep 29, 2002
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