Pentax Optio SV review

Started Dec 6, 2004 | User reviews
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Pentax Optio SV review

I’ve been using Pentax digital cameras for over three years. My first was Optio 330 and then I went to the Optio 4s. After leaving the 4s in the my pants pocket and then subsequently doing laundry, I managed to make an expensive hunk of metal. I then had to go camera shopping and after looking around, I settled on the Optio SV.

The 5X zoom was the reason I wanted to go with the SV. But in retrospect that seems to be the only advantage. Actually, because of either me, the lens, or the camera, when I zoomed it all the way out, I was taking mostly blurry pictures. The cycle time between pictures was slower than the 4s. One of the final reasons why I am returning it is that they decreased the file size (quality) so more pictures fit on a memory card. When I first got the camera I put it at 4MP and shot some pictures. The file size was about where my old 3MP camera was. So, I upped to 5MP (at the highest quality) and it still wasn't the same file size as the 4MP on highest quality. As it usually goes with JPEG, the larger the file size the higher the quality. This means they adjusted the SV to lower the picture quality so it looks like more pictures fit on a memory card. Also, it might have been their way to increase the cycle time (which seems slower than the 4S anyway). I would love to see some stats comparing cameras with cycle time, actual picture quality, etc. Oh, and another thing, there is a small dial on the back of the camera that sticks out. It is made to easily switch modes (manual, movie, night, etc). But the location of the dial is that it gets caught when I take the camera in and out of the case and changes modes, something I seem to notice after I take all my pictures. For the increase in physical size and the extra zoom, the rest of the features/operations make for a disappointment.

Pentax Optio SV
5 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 36 – 180 mm (5×)
Announced: Sep 13, 2004
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