HP Photosmart M407 review

Started Dec 10, 2004 | User reviews
Steve Woodward New Member • Posts: 4
HP Photosmart M407 review

Had this Camera about 10 weeks now and so far I'm impressed. This is my first digital camera, though I have used others at work. Everything was easy to find and it was quick and easy to set it up to your own preferences.
Image quality looks good, reviewing on my VDU, through a home DVD player on a large TV and having now printed over 70 6x4 prints which in quality look no different to ones from my Rollei 35mm compact camera. Colour is not quite as bright, though I alwayed use Fuji film over Kodak because I prefered the bright colours, it is quite easy to adjust this with the software provided though.

Liked the red eye removal on the supplied software.
Think this is a good first digital camera for casual use.
Though I will compare images with my Dad's Nikon 3.2 mp camera and update my review went I get chance.

Though this camera is by not perfect I think due to its prices it would be unrealistic to expect pefect pictures.
comparing it with other friends camera's on a recent ski trip it came out quite well. Check out AOAC.co.uk ski trip photo's 2005. These photo's can be compared to others on the same page from similar 3-4 megpix camera's from Ilympus and Canon.

Also check out www.uk.shopping.com for some more informative less bias reviews.


Found it strange that you couldn't use AA Alkaline battaries, but assume this is just a power consumption issue.
Also when set up as an external drive I was unable to read jpeg files I had modified, renamed and transfered back to the memory card. Not sure why as thought it would work both ways, but it may be that I'm missing something. Now know it is possible as long as the name stays the same (i.e. it must have IM as a prefix).

HP Photosmart M407
4 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 40 – 111 mm (2.8×)
Announced: Aug 28, 2004
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