HP Photosmart 812 review

Started Mar 2, 2005 | User reviews
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HP Photosmart 812 review

This camera stinks,

I've had this camera ever since i encountered problems with my old HP750 which was discontinued. Although HP upgraded me to his, it was a lot worse off then the old camera of lower specs.

First it was probably a refirb, not a new camera like they should have given me. I've encountered a lot of problems.

First this camera stopped working right a few months after normal use. It will shut off and not power up unless you take out the batteries and flash card for 24 hours. When i talked to HP, they said tough luck and have known of this issue. But since it works if you ship it to them (because they ask for no card/batteries) they don't care.

Second, during cold weather it compounds the previous problem. It almost always won't work in the cold weather, and instead stays shut down! You will miss many utdoor shots in the winter and so far this winter I haven't been able to use it at all if i'm outside for more then 30 min.

Third, somehow recently the viewfinder zoom has broke. While you can still zoom from the screen, it's annoying. This might be my fault, but still I haven't dropped it or handled it improperly.

Batteries are eaten up very very fast, maybe a few hours tops when using the screen, and not many photos at all. You wil need a spare set, and would benifit from rechargables, the lack of a li-ion chargable is bunk.

photos are alright, but any low light will kill the picture. The flash overexposes things in the foreground, and all your pictures will suffer from red eye.

The time to take a picture is horrible, sometimes up to 2-3 seconds in good light. I've had friends walk off because they thought i've taken the picture already! In low light forget about it, 5 or more seconds, and in very low light it can take up to 20 seconds with a horribly blury image (must use a tri-pod).

you will also get frequently blury images.



theres a lot better out there on the market for around the same price. Don't go with HP's, they suck, and their CS is horrible!

I've only had 2 HP cameras, but both were sub par, and now i'm going for a new line (cannons SD300 to be exact). I've found HP to be horrible at most things, even their PCS's, and don't reccomend buying from them ever

Trust me, if you need to return one, you'll get a refirb back, and it's more trouble then your moneys worth.

HP Photosmart 812
4 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 37 – 111 mm (3×)
Announced: Jan 9, 2002
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