Olympus Stylus Verve (mju mini Digital) review

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Olympus Stylus Verve (mju mini Digital) review

Having used a Mju-mini for a short while I was initially very unimpressed.
I didn't like the shape, and found it difficult to hold, and thought a 2x
zoom is a bit pointless, especially when compared to the Canon Ixus i
(In Europe), which has no zoom but FAR superior image quality.

However, having used the camera a bit more recently (I work in a
camera shop, so get to use a lot of cameras, some taken out, some
around work) I have grown to appreciate it's niche.
Olympus have made great improvements in image quality over the
previous Mju's ('Truepic Turbo'), however this has led to an increase in
noise it would seem.

The flash is exactly as you should expect from a camera of this size and
type, and is indeed (as others have said) great for portrait shots, and
holiday snaps. This is partly because of the soft detail the camera
Basically, don't use it for shots of high-detail objects and plants etc!

For all that, it is a very good first camera, for intstance for someone
changing/upgrading from a Mju 35mm camera, APS or disposable.

The screen is bright, clear and the menu system (once learned!) is fast
and easy to use (I particularly like the fisheye editing on playback). But,
BUY AN EXTRA BATTERY! Unless you are going to use the camera for
a specific number of shots (say,30), then buy a spare to avoid

The weatherproof feature is especially useful, and soon (if not now)
there is a 'Sports case' being produced which will make the camera
waterproof down to 3m, scratch and dust-proof.
In the case, the camera is transformed, and even users with the
biggest hands can easily use a Mju-mini.

My advice would be to buy the camera and get the sport case, and it
becomes the perfect summer/beach camera, just don't expect 12x8"
blowups in pin-sharp detail! For that, you need a proper camera;)

One for the teens/beginners.


Poor battery life, as mentioned before.

It will come set on 'High quality' Ignore this, it means standard. Set it
to 'Super-high (SHQ)' and bite the bullet and get a bigger memory
card, it will cost more, but your images will be 3x the file size and thus
far higher in quality.

The camera also suffers from the typical Olympus digital problem of
being unable to focus on moving objects, or take a decent picture of
anything that isn't standing still. It is one thing that the high-end
cameras have addressed, and hopefully the newer compacts will, but is
a slight problem on the Mju-mini.

Take care with the battery door, we have had a couple returned
because they broke, not off, but the cameras show 'card door open'
even when it isn't. Happily Olympus UK repaired these cameras under

It's not a photographer's camera, it's very much consumer-orientated.
If you are looking for a pocketable compact to compliment an SLR etc,
don't get this!

Olympus Stylus Verve
4 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 35 – 70 mm (2×)
Announced: Sep 3, 2004
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