Casio Exilim EX-P505 review

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Casio Exilim EX-P505 review


That's about it really! Only had mine for a couple of days, but it is
incredible on picture quality. OK, there's no TIFF option, but for this
kind of camera that's a bit OTT anyway; and when the images on
top-quality JPEG are THIS good, frankly who cares.

Background detail is very, very good; even down to the fact that you
can differentiate different branches of treetops over 500m away from
the camera! Compare THAT to any Fuji...

I changed to this camera from the Optio SV (Rubbish!), and the first
thing is how
small and light it is. You will not believe how small it is until you actually
see one for real!
Okay, it might not win any awards for design (looks
like a shrunken Sony DSC-ugly), but keep telling yourself it's an
Olympus IS-3000 that's been through the wash!;)

Actually, that's not so hard to imagine when you look at the pictures,
12x8"-no problem. I'd say if you were wall-mounting a 20" print, you
would be well pleased with the results from this little baby.

Functions and features are top-notch, everything you could imagine,
though a slightly sluggish flash recycle time..
The NP-40 battery is great, though doesn't last as long as Casio will
claim; or as long as on an EX-Z40 for example. Still, you get a separete
recharger (no need to take your cradle on holiday!) and a TV-out lead,
which is why value for money scores higher than it would based on the
cameras specs alone. (In Europe it's around £340)

Ease of use is, as always with Exilim's, great, though the buttons are a
bit fiddly.

Kicks the ass of any competition, even the Olympus C-70, because
there is no fringing. None. I tried, but can't get it to. I'm sure it will,
but in most circumstances it's fringe-free.

Overall a great camera!


Take a bit of care with the screen hinge on the rear, it is solid in itself,
but the section of the camera it attaches to is slightly less so. Can't see
it being a problem long-term though, no worse than Canon
Powershot's with flip-screens, and certainly better than Pentax!

Screen needs to be angled away from you to see it most effectlively in
bright light, this can cause composition to be difficult.

Flash recycle time a little slow. Battery life not as good as other Exilims
with viewfinders..

Steady hands are advantageous in low light due to fastest aperture
being 'only' f3.3 (This is less than half a stop away from f2.8 anyway!)

Casio Exilim EX-P505
5 megapixels • 2 screen • 38 – 190 mm (5×)
Announced: Jan 31, 2005
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