Pentax Optio SV review

Started Apr 17, 2005 | User reviews
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Pentax Optio SV review

I have purchased Pentax SV despite of the very poor reviews and very please with the camera. It is a very light and small. My home scales red 157 gram with memory and battery. It is very sophisticated camera. It took less time for me to understand my Canons G3 and Pro1. Foe example in Pentax SV you can select for auto-bracketing one of the following: Exposure, WB, Sharpness, Saturation or Contrast plus full manual controls like Av, Tv and M. It has 4 independent adjustment wheel settings with individually set functionality. Camera will restore the selected functions from the complete list on power OFF/ON individually. Is not it something for a tiny 150-gram camera. The most important is image quality. Every opinion rate it as POOR and it is not true. I have photographed the same view outside with Pentax SV and my Canon Pro 1 and then print tem on 8.5x11. I could not say which is better. I have applied only one step in PhotoShop for each one – Auto-Levels. They were absolute twins in resolution, color and contrast. Several times during the learning process I was ready to return the SV then spend more time learning it and every time postponed the return. Now I am definitely keeping the camera. I would advise – TRY IT. For me an advantage of the Pentax 750 is its beautiful screen but its weight and size are big disadvantages. The SV zoom is 35mm - 180mm vs. 37.5mm - 187.5mm for 750. The other valuable differences for 750 should be a bigger CCD, more pixels (7M vs. 5M), TIFF, and 15s vs. 4s and it is about it. I am also assuming that the electronics for these two cameras is the same.
Focusing in low light is very-very good. Screen is good for low light with auto-adjust of brightness. Ergonomics –excellent! Battery life is also GOOD.


Optical viewfinder is not that grate because of x5 zoom, small size and no adjustment. I still use it or the screen. The screen in bright sun light is not easy to use but it is usavleusable.

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Pentax Optio SV
5 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 36 – 180 mm (5×)
Announced: Sep 13, 2004
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