Olympus C-720 UZ review

Started May 11, 2005 | User reviews
florinbaiduc Senior Member • Posts: 1,004
Olympus C-720 UZ review

I have owned this camera for almoust 3 years now - bough it in september 2002.
It is not an easy camera - you will need time to learn how to use it and you will have a lot of blurred noisy out of focus pictures in the beggining.
Once you learned how to use it the quality is stunning. I have won some contests with pictures taken with this camera and printed in A3 format...Most of the posters here take 10 pictures and then come here and declare it bad. I have taken around 20000 pictures with it, it never failed working (software nor mechanics) and, as I told you, the quality was absolutely stunning...

Olympus C-720 UZ
3 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 40 – 320 mm (8×)
Announced: May 8, 2002
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