Pentax *ist D review

Started May 12, 2005 | User reviews
Lawrence Levy Regular Member • Posts: 219
Pentax *ist D review

The colors and images are true to what I see through the excellent viewfinder. It is just what I need - a reliably predictable tool.

Viewfinder quality encourages cropping in the viewfinedere and picture quality enables me to crop to a more interesting presentation that I later decided upon.

From day one it worked intuitively as I needed (coming from other Pentax film SLRs helped). There is nothing about this camera about which I had to become adjusted. The hyper modes work just as I would have designed them.

It felt like an extension of me whan I first bought it (in 04) and with or without the batterygrip (It's even less obtrusive without the grip.) it always feels comfortable.


When covering sporting events, the short burst amount has forced me to plan my shots more thoroughly. (Is this ultimately a good feature?)

The four-way switch is fiddly but more substantial than it initially led me to think.

The CF card release has always worked well for me. I use CF I cards of no more than 1 GB in storage (eggs & basket theory). Even with a Hacuba wrist strap, it's been fine.

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Pentax *ist D
6 megapixels • 1.8 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Feb 26, 2003
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