Minolta DiMAGE G500 review

Started Jun 8, 2005 | User reviews
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Minolta DiMAGE G500 review

I've had this camera for close to a year now. When I got it last august, it was my first taste of digital photography. I felt that at that time I could get something resonably fast and not too expensive, and since I don't finish most of my pictures as 4 by 6, but I like to finish some at 8 by 10 or bigger, 5 mp was a must for me.

I was really impressed by the image quality out of that tiny box. I carried it around all the time, I stll do, and was able to snap good shots. I like that it turns on fairly fast and is also fast taking picture (keep in mind that it was bought a year ago, and I know that now some cameras are much faster).

I liked the possibility of manual exposure, opening the option for longer exposure time at night for example. I was able to learn the basics of photography with it.

An all around good camera, which got me wanting for more. The possibilities of digital photography being so vast, I wanted to experiment more, and I got the Rebel XT a little over a month ago. I'm still keeping the G500 as a pocket camera for when I don't want to carry the Rebel with me.


I always thought the plastic battery door was kinda cheezy on a metal body.

Minolta DiMAGE G500
5 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 39 – 117 mm (3×)
Announced: Aug 7, 2003
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