Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W7 review

Started Jun 15, 2005 | User reviews
Sergey A Galin New Member • Posts: 8
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W7 review

A friend bought this camera and gave me a chance to play with it. The camera looks very stylish, compact, fast enough, has decent lens (for the class). That would be my full list of its advantages the rest are disadvantages. The results are quite disappointing for such a relatively expensive camera. Overpopulated sensor (7 megapixels!) produces a lot of artifacts (color fringing etc.) and dirty looking noise at high sensivity. There's a lot of signs of digital processing (noise reduction and sharpening). IMHO there's simply no reason to put that many MP's into such a tiny sensor. Real shot resolution is usually not a bit higher than you would expect from a good 4MP camera, and indoors often more like 2-3MP cameras I used. Daylight shots are nice and colorful. But with a flash, there's usually just noise and blur. The flash is weak and too close to lens which creates terrible red-eye effect. The camera of course can do a flash strobe in attempt to supress the red-eye, but it (1) works reliably only for persons who look straight to the camera and (2) makes shutter release delay terribly long. Auto mode is unusable indoors because it seems to pick "flash + long exposure" (like in "night portrait") very often, which makes pictures blurry. Auto White Balance is also bad. That's the reason why I put it 3 for "Ease of use", you just have to play with manual settings and different program modes to get usable results indoors. Also a lot of indoor shots came out out-of-focus, although camera has auto focus assist lamp. Video mode is usable, although voice sounds like the mike was placed inside a plastic box, but this is a problem of many compact cameras. Overall, probably this is a decent camera for this class, but do not expect it to be any better than 4-5 MP compact cameras, so my advice is to save money and buy something like Canon A85. You can even buy used F-717 or EOS 300D for the money!


Very noisy sensor, unpleasantly looking edges.
Auto mode and Auto WB work very bad indoors, you have to learn various programs and manual settings to get usable results.
Unreliable focusing.
Terrible red-eye effect.
Lens flares in backlit scenes.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W7
7 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 38 – 114 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 19, 2005
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