Pentax *ist D review

Started Jul 11, 2005 | User reviews
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Pentax *ist D review

Speaking for myself, I am a self confessed, long term Nikon user, but out of curiosity I was delighted when offered the opportunity to borrow an *istD for the weekend – a day in the country, snapping my brains out. The first thing which became apparent, was how solid this camera feels and how well everything you actually need falls to hand - I have to say, this is really an excellent, intuitive, well balanced, well finished and well built camera. Instead of fiddling interminably with the numerous options, I treated this camera like a film camera – I took it out of the case, switched it on and started taking pictures - the only extra thing I did was have the camera set to add a third of a stop to the exposure - to very slightly overexpose each shot. This is a habit I have had with shooting slides for about thirty years - the result usually adds a little bit more snap, crackle and pop to the shots – for the purpose of my test, the results were very impressive indeed. One thing I have always liked about Pentax, is the lenses. The Pentax lens fitted to my test camera certainly did not disappoint and continued in the well earned tradition of lenses of construction and optical quality - I still believe they are well worth the difference in price between the otherwise excellent lenses from Sigma and others. I found the colour accuracy most impressive – reminiscent of well exposed and processed Agfa slide film. The transition between light and dark was quite beautiful for a camera in this price range. Some people have described the focussing as a bit slow – but I don't really think this was a major issue. When it comes down to it, I would have absolutely, no problem in recommending this camera to all but hard-case professional shooters who might find the viewfinder a bit of a concern - otherwise, this is a really first class camera and well worth a good look. Check it out!


I didn't have enough time to explore the camera more fully.

I had to give it back.

Not hugely enthusiastic about the viewfinder - however it must be said that at this pricepoint, the viewfinder was absolutely better than its competitors.

Pentax *ist D
6 megapixels • 1.8 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Feb 26, 2003
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