Olympus Stylus Verve S (mju mini Digital S) review

Started Jul 15, 2005 | User reviews
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Olympus Stylus Verve S (mju mini Digital S) review

The 5-megapixel Olympus Verve S is an improved version of the older 4-megapixel Olympus Verve. The Verve S is almost identical to the Verve, but this camera has greater resolution, a "live histogram" function so that you get proper exposures, and a high-gloss paint finish on the metal body (the paint finish on the older Verve was known to scratch easily ... this is better). The Verve S also has a raised metal label on the front that serves as an improved grip surface (the old Verve often slipped in people's hands).

This is the perfect camera if you want a high-performance digital camera that you can stick in your pocket ... but that is so easy to use that even non-photographers can take great pictures. It lacks some of the features of high-end digital cameras, but this is just a pocket point-and-shoot camera ... if you want to do professional studio portraits or professional wedding photography you won't be looking at this type of camera.

That said, in skilled hands this camera delivers EXCELLENT results and produces image files that are good enough for perfect 16x20 prints.

If you're looking for a "take everywhere" camera you should consider this little gem.


Image quality is generally excellent, but ISO noise in some settings can be problematic. The ISO noise cleans up nicely using Noiseware or Neat Image, but you will end up using it at any setting above ISO 100 ... and you may end up using noise reduction software on lower ISO images if you "must" have super-clean image files.

I found it a little annoying that some features (like long-exposure shutter speeds) were burried in the scene modes. I also thought it was annoying that indoor and candle modes force the camera into a lower resolution (1mp).

Battery life is okay, but this camera is not made for a full day of shooting hundreds of images. If you want to take hundreds of photos with this camera you will need at LEAST one extra battery. That said, this camera is just a "take everywhere" camera for spontaneous moments ... it likely won't be used for heavy shooting.

Olympus Stylus Verve  S (mju mini Digital S)
5 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 35 – 70 mm (2×)
Announced: Feb 17, 2005
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