Samsung Digimax i5 review

Started Jul 31, 2005 | User reviews
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Samsung Digimax i5 review

nice Camera. screen gets scratched easily. screen is good for use even in bright sunlight. picture quality in wide angle ok, in telephoto below average. feature set is great, safety flash works (i prefer availabe light photography and i have a steady hand). picture quality by far not comparable with canon digital ixus i or ixus 500 (less contrast, lesscolor saturation, less details in wide landscapes, less sharpness) but taking the price into account (and the fact that canon delivers iso 50 setting) its ok. Video capabilities are really good, stabilizer is useless..

the super macro is absolutely brilliant.

battery life could be longer. i can not reach 150 pics as promised by samsung though I do not use flash.

great feature: camera shows aperture and time when shooting

sharpening can be set from soft to medium to sharp - i prefer soft. leaves more opportunities in ebv afterwards. important because pics are more noisy than I like.

Detais like number plates on cars show more details than canon pics at 5 MPix when Distance is closer than 10 m - very impressive.

also impressive - i could not notice purple fringing

update: now i found purple fringing. but it seems less visible because the colour varys from green to dark purple.

tip: underexpose pics by half a stop (with the +- feature) results in much better contrast and color saturation.


no tripod mount
autofocus does not work during videoclip
stabilizer provides for hopping videos especially when horizontal movements occur (like passing bikes or so) - simply useless
display very "sensitive" - gets scratched
no picture review by keeping your finger on the shutter like with most of the other brands
scene modes like night schots, protraits and even safety flash all set iso mode to auto - really annoying

slow effects in playback/slideshow = visible steps during crossfading.

poor battery life

as you see there is no real showstopper

Samsung Digimax i5
5 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 39 – 117 mm (3×)
Announced: May 24, 2005
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