HP Photosmart M22 review

Started Aug 4, 2005 | User reviews
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HP Photosmart M22 review

I've bought this camera three weeks ago.I liked the size and the look of it and I didn't expect a good performance.
I have another (more expensive) camera and I needed a second smaller pocket-size camera for everyday use.
However the camera turned out to be a good one.
It has very comprehensive intelligent menus,it's easy to understand and use.I find the digital red-eye reduction very useful.
The picture quality is not impressive,but it's not bad,either.
I was surprised that the lens don't suffer from noticeable chromatic aberrations and there's a good infra-red filter allowing me to capture beautiful sunsets.
The quality of the movie clip is quite good for such a cheap camera,although the sound is noisy.
I already managed to get this camera sprinkled with sea water and nothing happened.Suppose the construction is well done.
Overall,I am glad that I bought it.It even surpassed my expectations.


The lens are very easy to touch with fingers.One should be aware of it,or else the fingerprints make the picture blurry.
It drains the batteries too fast.However I bought a pair of 2500mAh NiMH cells and I took more than 150 pictures without recharging.
I work in 2Mpixels mode.When I use slight digital zoom,if the resulting picture is again 2Mpixels,the picture is grainy.I suppose the interpolation is not very good.If I zoom-in more,this effect disappears although the resolution is decreased to less than 2Mpix.It's a funny effect and I can't notice it always.
The sound of the movie clip is very weak and noisy.
The colour depth of the CCD is not a good one.If you underexpose the picture and try to compensate it afterwards,the digital noise very soon is brought to the surface.That's why it's very important to expose the picture properly.I usually use +1/3 EV.
Most of the settings (like white ballance,EV and so on) are set to the default values when you turn off the camera.For some unexperienced users this may be a good feature,but I don't like it.

HP Photosmart M22
4 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 37 mm
Announced: Feb 18, 2005
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