HP Photosmart M417 review

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HP Photosmart M417 review

On the plus side of this comera one can note a sharp image quality, a good feature set for a beginner's camera and a cheap price. Feature set includes White balance, Sensitivity levels (100, 200, 400 ISO), Exposure compensation,Several flash modes, Burst mode and several other modes (portrait, scene, ect...).

It is small enough to carry around (though certainly nothing as small as the Canon Ixus family to name an example), and quite light. It also features a relativly strong flash. Using just two AA battries, there will be few problems when they are used up - just pop in another pair. Adaptive Lightning, with which this camera is equipped, seems to do a good job. LCD also gains up well in dimly lit conditions, allowing you to frame subject well.


Start up time is not great - around 2-3 seconds, especially due to lens having to extend out.

Long shutter lag, especially when using Autofocus. Prefocusing helps a little.

Flash recycle time is long.

A very poor burst mode.

High noise at ISO 400.

A poor quality LCD screen. It certainly has a lower pixel count than any camera I have seen. Worse, it has a very low refresh rate. You can forget of tracking an subject with it.

Lens responds slowly to the zooming buttons. Even a lens as on an old camera as a Fuji 3800 (with a much larger zoom) is faster to reach maximum telephoto.

Optical viewfinder looks more like a tunnel than anything else - and shows less than 85 % of image. It is coupled with the optical zoom.

Construction is of plastic, and certainly not a strong seeming one.

HP Photosmart M417
5 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 36 – 108 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 18, 2005
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