Epson R-D1 review

Started Feb 7, 2006 | User reviews
Alex WT Junior Member • Posts: 28
Epson R-D1 review

Excellent camera, M-like, top results with Leica/CV/Zeiss lenses. Cannot substitute a
DSLR because of 0,7m limit and only 28-35-50 lenses can be used. All other wideangle
show vignetting and need special 1,5 finders which are quite difficult to obtain. Beside
of that a real pleasure to use.Rangefinder not as precise as Leicas (shorter base) and
Noctilux delivers random results at full aperture (!with Epson 75mm 1.0).Price is now
down and imho almost correct (2300usd range for boby only).

Epson R-D1
6 megapixels • 2 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Mar 11, 2004
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