Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5 review

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Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5 review

Okay, this camera has a lot of noise compared to i. Canon or Fujifilm, but for the price what can you expect? Stick to low ISO and you will be fine. (50 ISO and MAX 100 ISO). The camera also has an very impressive continuoes mode. Set the camera to max resolution, but set the JPEG compression on standard or economy setting and you can shoot a lot of 1.8 fps until buffer is full. (A lot of pictures). It also has an impressive 10.5 fps but with 1024X768 (making 10X15 cm prints max or for screen use).

The camera also has good battery life with ever finding AA batteries!

What I like:

- Anti Shake!

- Good continuos modes

- Quick start up and fast focus

- Shutter lag is pretty good

- Easy to use with good menus, though I would like to set wb directly.

- Nice 2" screen and very good EVF.
- Live histogram

- Very good move mode (but no MPEG4 means it takes A LOT of space on your HDD!

- Very impressive macro mode with 1 cm!


What I don´t like:

- Metering is not good. I found myself overexposure almost EVERY pic I had taken outdoor. Subjects like a house with the sun BEHIND me was underexposed. The house was white, but hello...I have never ever met a cam that needed so much tweak to get the exposure right. You have a live histogram, I guess it´s there to let you outdo the metering. Even my old Canon A20 with 2MP meters a lot better. (Looking through my old images, I can not find ANY picture which I had to overexposure to get it right. And almost everyone of them is excellent exposed!

- High ISO noise even at 100 ISO. A lot more noise than other brands.

- Images looks soft on screen. Even on sharpening set on high. On print though, sharpness is enough!

- No AF assist lamp, struggles a lot in low light. Try to find contrast in the focus point or use manual focus. Not that big problem, just need to try focuisng on different spots.

- Weak built in flash. (In comparison to other brands) My trick is to set flash compensation to +0.7 to press somewhat more out of the flash. External flash highly recommended!

- Only max 4 seconds shutter and max 1/1000. Why did they change this from Z3 which had bulb mode and 1/2000?

- Movie mode take A LOT of space! No compression mean you need 4 GB to record over 30 mins! (Maybe not a bad thing!)

- Colour cast is sometimes very cyan/greenish. Need to use "cloudy" wb all the time to make colours outside look better, but it is NOT good colour reproduction. This is the main reason I sold mine!

- Images look "muddy". Colours are washed out, very much cyan cast to outdoor pics, and red cast to indoor pics! Did they really tested this cam before release?
Looks sometimes the images is taken with an 5 year old 1.3 MP.

Bottom line: This is a fun inexpensive toy. If you want a BIG zoom with antishake and LOVE post process in Photoshop, buy this camera. You need to adjust A LOT to get pictures look good. I don´t have the time to edit all my images, and I DEMAND my pics to look good straight out of the cam. It has anti shake, and a good fast lens. It also has a nice 2" screen and good EVF. This cam could kick ass with a better sensor with less noise and more accurate colours. To me, It didn´t met my needs. I bought an Fuji S5200/S5600 instead. It don´t have antishake and 2X less zoom, but the colours are far more accurate! And it has lower noise on 400 ISO than KM Z5 has on 160! THAT says a lot!

Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5
5 megapixels • 2 screen • 35 – 420 mm (12×)
Announced: Jan 21, 2005
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