Samsung Digimax i6 review

Started Mar 8, 2006 | User reviews
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Samsung Digimax i6 review

-Great LCD screen, large and very crisp image; good viewing from an angle.
-Solid metal body, feels well built. (more below)
-Pleasing colors and saturation, maybe a bit oversaturated.
-Lots of scene modes (more below)
-Some manual controls: custom WB (works very well, point and shoot at white or grey card under current conditions to set); color saturation; ISO.
-Anti-shake concept works (see below for limitations)
-Histogram, but only available at playback.
-45MB internal memory
-Very good quality videos (mpeg4 and fast rate) with sound and optical zoom enabled (more below)
-Plays MP3 and videos (I didn't test)


-Noise, noise noise. (ISO 200 and above too noisy for my taste, but I do use a DSLR. ISO 400 very blotchy, maybe barely useful for a small print)
-High contrast images; blown hightlights common.
-Difficult to hold. Kind of slippery (my wife commented that she was afraid she would drop it). Also awkward for your left hand to find a comfortable spot to grab without covering the lens, microphone, speaker or part of the LCD. This was especially annoying for my wife and I.
-Zoom wide end starts at 39mm; would like a bit more, say 35mm.
-Strange zoom lever on back; you move it up and down (I'm used to left and right with the 4 digicams I've owned) We never got used to it.
-Confusing menu system. I had to read the darn manual to figure out some basics! (I've owned Samsung cell phones and liked their menu system)
-Only some manual contols: no aperture or shutter speed control.
-Scene modes only mildly helpful. We tried the "children" scene a lot; manual says it should boost shutter speed for fast moving kids. After reviewing EXIF data on photos, it only occassionaly boosted the speed by only one stop. For me, it was mostly useless.
-Somewhat slow to autofocus.
-Anti-shake does work ONLY if you hold the camera very steady and your subject stays very still. It seems to run an algorithm after shooting as it takes 5+ seconds to process the photo.
-Video mode is very good, but sound momentarily cuts out if you use the optical zoom while filming (I guess it's a trade off).
-Proprietary connector (same type they use on their phones?) on bottom to charge battery and make a USB connection.
-no tripod mount built-in; must use a junky adapter that connects to the proprietary connection.

I must add that I never tried it's other big marketing points: built-in MP3 player and video player. I looked at this a camera first with the MP3 and video capabilities as a bonus.

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Samsung Digimax i6
6 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 39 – 117 mm (3×)
Announced: Jan 3, 2006
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