Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5 review

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Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5 review

Well there was ALOT of reviews about the Konica Minolta Dimage z series cameras. Alot being good and alot of bad ones. Im a student and actually sell cameras. I didnt have a huge amount of money for a camera and I got my z5 for a smoking deal. Ive sold quite a few. I absolutely love the design, awesome color, great feel when holding. The card door is flimsy looking but cant see it becoming a huge issue.

After reading the reviews here and on other forums, I eventually took the plunge. I love having a 35-420mm zoom that has a VERY decent Anti shake, not like alot of these other anti shakes on pentax's and nikon's. Alot of people compare the z5 to the fz20 and fz5 (out now is the fz7), but those panasonics are at least another 100$. Ofcourse your going to get some of the best detail quality out of a Leica lense. But for bang for the buck the z5 really appealled to me. I purchased one of the last couple in my stores (of whom I represent) chain.

I have taken about 40 or 50 pictures. Fooled around with progressive and continouse shooting modes. Kinda cool being able to shoot at 10fps at 1024x768, great for action. I have not yet pruchased a larger card gonna go with a sandisk extreme III 1 gig, mainly for its speed and I get a good deal. I dont shoot in auto mode im sticking fully manual, which is another reason I bought the z5. I havent used normal color mode im in vivid color mode, and the pictures are awesome. I aboslutely love the colors and the details. There is ALOT of reviews and posts with poor detail and image quality, but in my opinion its not true. I will admit there is ALOT of noise, but hasnt anyone heard of Neat Image here???? They even have a noise profile for the z5! I can remove 85% of the noise and lose around 5-3% of the image quality to make almost flawless pictures. I also use photoshop cs2, and even the Dimage viewer that was supplied with the camera. Konica Minolta supplies alot of computer editing software, which allows the user to edit almost anything to do with their images. I have seen ALOT of people complaining about noise but there are ALOT of programs available to remove it. Personally I love the detail and colors with the Konica Minolta and I think this camera has alot of potential, you just have to clean up the images on the computer.

The flash included with the camera is weak, but really only helps with red eye. I agree with another member setting it to a +0.7 ev will yeild the best result. Personally im lucky enough to have a couple 2500d speedlights at my work so im going to buy one very soon. Another drawback is the Konica Minolta adapter, I REALLY need a polarizer. To find the adapter I eventually ordered one from ebay as I could also use a hood for summer photography. The adapter will also help prevent dust getting in and hell having the ability to put on filters is a very STRONGLY reccommended thing to do.

Issues with crashing and such. Already used up my included alkalines and it turned off . I havent had any troubles, I have noticed the on off is very touchy cant hold too long or it will turn back on. Crashing im going to assume is to do with the overheating issue, and thats reasnoble for a camera like this. I have to admit I liked the idea of owning a camera that was so fast it would overheat after processing so many pictures hehe. I would not be surprised if alot of the crashing issues are about the processor over heating. Each image is almost 3 megs and taking 1.8-2.4 fps is VERY tasking on a processor and really makes alot of sense for a camera to crash. I have noticed alot of heat after taking multiple shots very quickly.

So basically to sum it up:


-Construction, color, grip, buttons, are all awesome.
-AA batteries always a plus when your not at home, very nice for travelling.
-Zoom and anti shake are awesome great size
-Colors, detail, image quality all very good.
-SD cards are cheap and go upto 20mbps the faster the better
-Manual settings are awesome lot of fun to play with
-Big moniter and a viewfinder so in a bright light you can always switch between modes.


-Very noisy images, use a noise reducing software program like neat image, or noise ninja 2.
-Hard to find parts in canada :(.
-flash included is weak
-Will heat up so be weary of this
-would like a raw picture option but oh well

Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5
5 megapixels • 2 screen • 35 – 420 mm (12×)
Announced: Jan 21, 2005
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