Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T9 review

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T9 review

Great Camera - SONY is really listening to its Customers. I have taken a number of test images for your review. These images have been captured with SONY's DSC-T9 camera, with no out-of-camera post image processing other than cropping, and no Photoshop work whatsoever. The Camera's internal settings generally are: Program mode with Sharpness and Saturation both turned up one tick for images to DSC00043; For images DSC00044 and over, the Saturation remains up one tick, the sharpness setting was set back to Normal, and all other settings in the camera are set to Automatic. The "bee on the flowers" image (DSC00041) was taken with the camera set to "Magnifying Glass" mode, which permits auto-focusing as close as 1.0 centimeter; For this image I was approximately 2cm from the bee. This camera is one of the best I have tested in the last 6 years. As an adjunct faculty member at FAU a south Florida 29,000 student University, teaching "Principles of Digital Photography and Post Image Processing" and authored/published a book with the same name, with Pearson Education, Inc., 2003, I have tested hundreds digital cameras that have been offered to the public in recent years, and this one is truly unbelievable. One must understand that all cameras cannot do all things regardless of price and size. Digital SLRs, like Canon's 1DsMk2, which I proudly own and consider the very best digital SLR on planet Earth as of January 2006, can execute most imaging tasks beautifully; however you cannot place it in your pocket, does not have built-in flash, and cannot make a video! Comparing the image quality and color to other similarly priced cameras, the T9 seems better than on previous SONY "T" series units (the T1, T11, T3, T33, T5, T7) in their 6-step progression to the T9. The brightness on the LCD panel is also better and has two brightness levels; The LCD also seems to have a protective covering. The flash also seems a bit stronger, and the imager noise is significantly lower. Understand, the tiny built-in flash is effective for groups of 3-6 people placed within 8' or less of the camera, period; any further away, other than fill-in flash, the results will be unsatisfactory. It is hard to imagine than so much technology can be contained within this truly thin package. This version has a trut OPTICAL IMAGE STABILIZER that really works in both Still image and Movie Modes. The large and bright LCD panel is great for sharing images and movie clips with friends after the images are taken; The T9 has an in-camera slide-show mode with user settings for type of slide change, styly, with or without music. Most critics fail to mention the packaged the Software; Be it known, SONY has one of the best (included) software packages available; Auto-Install the software; then plug in the camera into an available USB post, turn on the camera, and in 5,4,3,2,1 seconds the images and movies, begin their migration into a unique folder in your hard-drive, in a subdirectory in "My Pictures" with today's date as the folder name; Could not be a simpler process. Then options are presented for making a CD-ROM. To see T9 sample images you can go to Images will be added periodically so check back often; and while you're there look around at other images posted at your pleasure. NOTE: I have had requests for test video clips. This camera and millions of other SONY cameras produce beautiful high resolution 640x480 30fps MPEG1 video. This site is based on smugmug's site engine which cannot display MPEG1 video. I have attempted to convert MPEG1 to other formats for uploading, however, the results are terrible; so I'd rather not display inferrior conversions, which would improperly represent actual results. JimWilson//28/Dec/2005/6pm

Comparison of SONY's N1 and T9: We have/own both cameras. My wife carries the N1 in her purse, and I carry the T9 in my pocket, as it is a bit thinner than the N1. Both cameras take great shots. The N1 has a bit stronger flash, however the T9 has a more sensitive Imager. It would be best for you to go to a retailer that has both so you can hold them and get a feel for their footprints. I can understand being torn between the two; I too had that feeling. So I/we decided to buy both, one for me and one for Marilyn. I/She loves the huge 3” touch-screen; and the 8Mp imager gives plenty of information for serious cropping, and plenty of detail for an outstanding 8x10” print. The T9 gives improved portability, and has Image Stabilization which gives better performance in low light, available light situations, and plenty of detail for an outstanding 8x10” print. So there are a few trade-offs. Marilyn carries her N1 in her purse; he N1 fits neatly in the purse. I carry the T9 camera in my front pants pocket, so I opted for the T9 which is much more "men’s pocket-friendly." Both cameras have water/beach protective housings, “Sports-pack” for the T9 a 10’ underwater housing for $90; the N1 has a true underwater housing good down to 40 meters for $200. The choice of ONE is pretty much a personal decision as to the form-factor. They are both technology marvels. There is no bad choice between the SONY DSC-T9 or the DSC-N1 models, its like buying shoes; Do you want loafers or sandals?


No problems encountered. Get the 2GB card and a spare battery to keep in the charger. Wonderful results.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T9
6 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 38 – 114 mm (3×)
Announced: Nov 1, 2005
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