Pentax *ist DL2 review

Started Jun 3, 2006 | User reviews
jackie semple Contributing Member • Posts: 512
Pentax *ist DL2 review

Just had this camera one week but have used it sufficiently to feel confident about giving an opinion.

In terms of DSLRs I have tried the rest and I guess I have now tried the best - at least for me. I guess everyone has their preferences but I find this camera is a joy to use with everything easy to understand, super ergonomics, menus that are straightforward, great viewfinder - better than the rest by far, ease of handling, USB 2.0 compatible so don't have to wait ages for downloads, AA battery power - very important, the super steel K-AF mount that fits so many affordable lenses, compact design and light [but not featherweight which I don't want] which is important if you are on the move, so far as I can see a VG standard 18-55 Pentax lens, 6.1 MP sensor which I have tried with one 20" x 16" print and I am pleased this far.

For me buying this Pentax is like coming home - I am so happy. I definitely believe that Pentax make cameras for photo enthusiasts and I think it is their design that scores. I find it comfortable in its handling which in turn helps my picture taking - better design for me means better chances of capturing better images. I have had other popular makes of cameras, all excellent in their own right but I've found that if you don't like them you don't use them and what's the point in having them.

Interested in photography for some 20 years and I now guess that so long as Pentax exists and continue to make such user friendly and highly competent cameras - I am with them the whole way. For me, simply the best.



Pentax *ist DL2
6 megapixels • 2.5 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Jan 27, 2006
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