Nikon D70s review

Started Jun 4, 2006 | User reviews
Richard Fossum Senior Member • Posts: 1,404
Nikon D70s review

Coming from an advanced p&s this wasn't that big a jump in complexity. The menues are easy to understand, and dedicated function keys around the body makes life easier than without them. It is fast-fast-fast.

Battery life is outstanding, and it charges quite fast too (My Oly c8080 needed about 5 hours to charge!). Build quality is really nice. Plastic, but when you pick it up you just think "Quality"!

Ok, picture quality all depends on glass! Still, I am really satisfied with the metering capabilities along with the fast and accurate focussing. With good glass, like the 50mm 1.8, it delivers good picture quality. Meanwhile, it demands some PP to make the most out of the pictures.

It is quite expensive. Ok, prices has dropped, but when it was released, and compared to the 20d, it is expensive.


No problems encountered. On the other hand I have a wish-list:

- to be able to put ISO limit while using auto iso
- to be able to use the dedicated buttons even though the camera might be in playback mode (let's say, if you entered playback mode via Play, ok, let's have Play-functionality - otherwise, please let me adjust my settings)

Nikon D70s
6 megapixels • 2 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Apr 20, 2005
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