HP Photosmart M22 review

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HP Photosmart M22 review

Considering the specifications I decided M22 is the camera for my daughter (she is 10): metal case, waterproof, small, no external moving parts, standard batteries, easy to use, reasonable image quality.

I have deliberately ignored the internet warnings over reliability considering that every product has its share of bad copies. Big mistake! Twice as big since I live in Bucharest and here the price is twice the price in NY (I have paid about 170$).

The first camera the seller took it from the sealed box refused to start. He changed the batteries, and then he replaced them with rechargeable batteries... no result. It was like he took it from its coffin.

The second one started nicely. I have played with it a bit but I have failed to notice the aluminum case had a defect, not a big problem but annoying.

I knew this kind of camera does not correctly report the status of battery, so I replaced the firmware with the last released version and then I took about 20 pictures. Then... the camera ceases to work: each time I pushed the shooting button the LCD started to flicker like a psychedelic light and then the camera restarts. Finally, like the one in the first coffin, it refused to start. I have changed the batteries... nothing... dead!

The service guy refused to officially tell me how many HP cameras failed to work but he, unofficially, told me I bought the worst camera. HP proved it has no respect for customers.

Pros: when you start the camera (if it starts!) with the flash button pressed, a set of test applications start. One of these applications is searching for dead pixels and, if it finds any, it re-computes the interpolation matrix so as to hide the dead pixels. The service guys from Canon asked me about 30$ to perform this operation on an A70.

There is one good thing about this story: I have learned to listen to internet opinion.

HP Photosmart M22
4 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 37 mm
Announced: Feb 18, 2005
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