Samsung Pro815 review

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Samsung Pro815 review

I took a long time before deciding to post this. I bought this Pro815 on 17 June 06. I can take good pictures clearly even at 420mm zoom during a bright day. But I have yet succesfully took a zoomed picture without blur at night. Lucky for me I rarely shoot at night. ISO only reach 400 but at 400 it looks good for me. Not sure how but I once actually manage to take a picture at night in my room without the light on, curtain on and picture came out brighter than what I can see, as if it can see in the dark. Must be something I set that was perfect then. I can't tell as I am a beginner user of a digital camera and to me this camera has everything I need for now. The len is fixed. No need to worry about dust going in. I just worry when I turn the zoom. I tends to turn it fast and it felt like I will screw it off someday. Recording sound can not compare with normal MP3 recorder. But that is not critical. This is afterall a camera and one suitable for beginner for sure.


I am a Singaporean and local Samsung helpdesk has no knowledge of what is Pro815. It does not come with camera case and they need to order it which price over S$150. I ask what happen if camera has problem. They tell me where the service shop are and at worst they will ship it to Korea for repair. So far, I failed to find another local user of Pro815. I am trying my best to locate them online by joining all available online photo clubs. So far only found one who just sold her Pro815. Sigh. I still do not know why people don't like it just because it is not a real DSLR. Who can tell me? It need a adaptor to attach any filter and you need a size of 72 mm which costs a lot more than smaller size rim. There is soem screw thread just outside the len but no 1 knew what it is for. I wrote to almost all Samsung contacts and even call the local staff but none of them can even answer me the simple question of what is the purpose of the screew thread outside the len. One helpdesk even ask em what is a screw threat and I even patiently explain to him and he thank me. I also ask if ther eis any impact when I saw some dark spots during auto forus near a wall where the red beam circle display the spots. They can't answer. Anyone can answer pls help me on this... seriously!!!

Samsung Pro815
8 megapixels • 3.5 screen • 28 – 420 mm (15×)
Announced: Jun 2, 2005
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