Nikon Coolpix 5700 review

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Nikon Coolpix 5700 review

All time best Hidden Gem Still, 2006 lightyears later in technology and this camera had to be compared against the newer models and glad to report it holds its own at least and is still better then most tiny lens cameras in some ways I believe even today and many others even with large lens. This is a hidden gem if you can get past knowing whether you are buying a good model and accepting some other thingsl. When working the ONLY real negative is low light shots are difficult to get a great focus but possible if your very diligent.Its important to get a good model though. Even if you don't Nikon has a photo fix for free for bad ccds.REALLY check the history section in this forum under Nikon .Someone offered new camera and not sure how, but I went to meet him and here it is and it was not exactly new.Ultimately it developed problems and the guy who sold it probably thought I was the fool , little did he know what he gave up!!!!! and Nikon fixed it and I am glad cause now its a gem of a camera. I have tried many variations from great to horrible of this model. . Unless you get a model that focusses good and everything else working good I say pass unless its something Nikon will fix This is the only reason the price is so low on this, one of the truly great point and shoot cameras of all time. It might not have the very clear brightness of newer higher pixels but what it does do well it does astoundingly well considering this camera is close to five years old. One is able to get a great photo if your patient. oK FINAL OPINION HERE THE NIKON 4 YEARS LATER IS BETTER THEN H1 OFTEN, WITHOUT ANY DOUBT JUST BE PREPARED TO WORK HARDER FOR THE PHOTO. The technology lapse becomes evident when everything we take for granted now is not present in five year old digital cameras. You should get use to keeping your hand very steadyand you should be prepared for many out of focus shots and unfortunately N O I S E. but for some reason or for the same reasons if you have a good working model those problems are MINOR , , the shots that work are very intoxicating. I really wonder if this is even better then the Nikon 8700 which even Phil said was unremarkable and I thought colors were kind of dull. The hard part is pinpointing why the camera is worth getting but it is. I love nikon and they might not like me to say this, but if you can pick up a non working model that someone has not sent in, that might be the best bet in getting a fixed Nikon 5700. .
The colors from this Nikon I now think are close to the best and most accurate of any camera I ever tried. The shots take in a heck of a lot of a scene and combined with great color make it just worth the drawbacks of old chip and price paid abd slghtly slower operation
Now comparable to the H1. Hi had better closeups because of higher power of the zoom lens and better noise control. However the 5700 had a tad better color and slightly, even though it might be arguable better photo quality as in smaller dots. The details were a tad smaller and more real in the 5700 as opposed to Sony's slightly more ellaborate and magnified image in my view. Don't get me wrong, the H1 wins probably in overall comparison TO PEOPLE WHO WANT EASY PHOTO but if you like Nikon better this still can get slightly better photos at right time and THAT more then anything else is important for photo affecinados if not the most important sentence in this review. I made the review to see if a camera five years ago can rival one from today and it can . Like I mentioned the h1 has much better zoom and closeup shots tend to show that difference. The h1 has better consistency too in attaining the proper focus and getting faster shot . The h1 gets better shots indoor but I have gotten some great shots with this too, that are better then h1 and if overall photo quality is what matters I think the lens on Nikon and color make it at least the equal to the H1 if not better then all 5 megapixel consumer level cameras of all time. The bit with shutter lag has some merit favoring the H1. I was expecting much more shutter lag then I got though but the 5700 makes you go back in time when you had to keep your hands straight and or steady to attain an in focus shot. I thought the H1 was classic, but this is also a classic considering this camera was made years and years ago and one of the first megazoom that tried to be point and focus and under the price of dslr. In the end you get probably less better consistent shots with the 5700 then H1 but here again it all depends on the condition of the camera you have. Another overlooked positive, the camera takes up more of scene because of the large lens size. You can get great shots from other cameras but even though for example indoor you will get many more blurred shots here if you choose the right setting you will see your shot framed better and take in more of the scene of the shot you want. Another camera might only get a much more narrow view. This camera is truly worth the small price its going for. The smart people know this. If you want to forget what I just said, and get a good camera, or fixed camera you are going to get one of the best point and shoot consumer level cameras of all time and I sincerely mean that


the biggest negative is low light shots but even today thats a problem except with this its a little more so. Still the shots that work with this still gives you reason to buy this ., . the menus are very difficult , I just use M mode. So far I suggest this camera is comparable to present day models inspite of better or different chips. I think it does not have the resolution of the 8 million megapixes but it gets sharper photos when it focusses. then almost any point and shoot I ever had, and coupled with good color theres the advantage over present day cameras..Noise is an issue . I heard about bad ccds but Nikon hs a website that will address this issue for free in case you get one and if true still makes this camera even a better deal today then it was back at much higher prices. I think camera makers don't want to give you this type of lens with the better chips for this low of price on purpose anymore. For what it is I advise spending the money if you accept the limitations on this camera. If you really like Nikon , for the money your getting a good buy..and great lens. really a surprise at this time in 2006.But just be careful of the noise and bad cameras out there because if you get a good one consider yourself lucky and for everyone else who is selling, its almost impossible to believe anyone sane would sell a good example of this model. I truly believe the best bet is getting one to try first or get one that needs its ccd replaced and the camera body doesn't look stressed, and like I said, maybe because the ccd goes out differently in the camera, I have seen many variations of the camera out there. Maybe some are old and used and haggard and not sure Nikon will fix it. If you got a good one, consider yourself very very lucky, you have a classic

Nikon Coolpix 5700
5 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 35 – 280 mm (8×)
Announced: May 29, 2002
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