Pentax Optio W10 review

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Pentax Optio W10 review

I bought this camera for two reasons: 1. I was tired of lugging around my DSLR
and lenses whenever I was out and about with my family. 2. I needed a camera to
take out on the river with me fly fishing that was compact and that I wouldn't be
afraid to get wet. This is the only camera I could find that fit the bill for #2, and it
also works admirably well for #1! As a bonus, it shoots very good quality video
which enables me to carry a single camera in my shirtpocket for just about any
family outing. I miss having an optical viewfinder, but I've learned to live without it
given all the other great features. Image quality is very good, although a bit noisy
at high ISO settings. As testiment to how well it performs, even as a semi-
professional photographer, I used this camera for 80% of my photography and all
of my video on my last family vacation. The DSLR outfit sat in the corner of the
cabin except when I went out on "photography hikes".


Be VERY careful about the battery compartment locking mechnism. It can come
unlocked easily, rendering the camera decidedly NOT waterproof! I would prefer a
mechanism that was a little more robust. Just get in the habit of checking it to
make sure it's locked before taking it into wet environments.

If you zoom the lens while shooting video, it records the loud noise of the zoom
mechanism which renders the audio unusable. I rarely zoom in my video shots, so
it's not an issue for me.

Autofocus is a bit iffy in low light, even with the built-in AF assist. In low light, it
tends to try to focus on the brightest object, even if that is behind the person you
are photographing.

Pentax Optio W10
6 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 38 – 114 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 15, 2006
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