Samsung Pro815 review

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Samsung Pro815 review

The first thing I have to say is that if you wish to get the best use from this
camera you will need two things: A tripod, and Photoshop CS2 (v9.0).
As mentioned in the review here, the software that came with the camera
simply does not work if you save to RAW format.
Adobe's DNG Converter allows one to open these files (they will not look as clear as the thumbnails when opened) and adjust white balance, temperature, tint, exposure, shadows, brightness, contrast and saturation.
This allows you to make great shots even better, and is way easier for me than Adobe's CS1 (v8.0), which will not open this camera's RAW files.
I cannot complain about the battery, at 3264X2448 pixels, (max resolution, but not RAW files) and using Super Fine Quality, it will store about 500 captures on a charge.
That's almost 2 GB! Getting a spare battery is a good idea if you
need more than that.
I bought a 4 GB memory card for it, and am glad of it, as the compressed RAW files are about 15.7 MB each.
With a tripod I've taken absolutely great shots at over 600 feet.


The lens cover sucks. It ALWAYS pops off! Their software simply doesn't do RAW files. The manual focus should be used for shots you care about, lest you be disappointed when you see it on your computers screen in close-up. The built in flash sucks. The manual is 163 pages.

Samsung Pro815
8 megapixels • 3.5 screen • 28 – 420 mm (15×)
Announced: Jun 2, 2005
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