Olympus IR-300 review

Started Oct 24, 2006 | User reviews
Winmar New Member • Posts: 9
Olympus IR-300 review

I bought this camera in around November 2005, and have given it a lot of use since then. The best thing about it is its size - it easily fits in your pocket and doesn't weigh you down.

The image quality is generally very good to excellent in daylight. In lower light it gets a bit grainy, due in part to the small flash. I suppose the manufacturers had to make a compromise between the size of the camera and the power of the flash. It's not much good for taking pictures of bands with - I'd much rather use my film camera for that.

The screen size is excellent, and gives a good indication of how the photo will appear in full size.

If video mode is important, I'd look elsewhere, as the Quicktime videos this produces are distinctly average.

The camera has no manual features, which is fine for people like me, but may not be what a more advanced user is after.

Overall I'm very happy with the camera, and will no doubt use it for at least the next couple of years.


No real problems other than grainy shots in low light and average video mode.

Olympus IR-300
5 megapixels • 2 screen • 38 – 114 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 17, 2005
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