Pentax Optio S7 review

Started Nov 8, 2006 | User reviews
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Pentax Optio S7 review

I bought this camera purely for its size and price (less that £150 for a 7mpxl
camera). My single purpose was to have a camera I could have in my pocket every
day and document things I might see so my expectations were already low.

Build quality is ok. I also have a Lumix DMC-FX7 which is far a superior camera both
in build and imaging and I'm basing my findings using that camera as a
comparison. I find that the S7 feels a bit cheap. Its very light, as is basically
contructed from cast aluminium, and the lack of weight just says 'cheap' to me. The
buttons are fiddly but no more than other cameras of this size. The zoom is non-
existant but I expected that.

I read through the reviews of the S6 and found some similarities with the S7,
mainly in the poor quality of image. I gave this camera a full workout, in all settings
and sizes, and the common issue is sharpness. I aliken the quality to having a five
pixel mediun filter applied to the image. This is apparent in all light conditions
including daylight. Also, there is a considerable delay between pressing the button
and the shot actually being taken. For me, this is one of the more annoying facts of
poor digital products.

The features of the camera, on face value, are impressive. The interface is very
'japanese manga'. There are a decent amount of fixed settings, much more than the
FX7 but I found the 'green' auto setting to be as useful as any. One setting I found
amusing was the 'pet' setting where you can not only choose between cat or dog
but also choose the colour of its fur. Useful? I doubt it! The night setting, which
the FX7 doesnt have, works quite effectively. The results reminded me of the Sony
DSC T1 as it captures light in a very 'dreamlike' way. The night setting is a bit hit
and miss but you can get some quite interesting shots from it.

This camera is great for the purpose I bought it for which is basically a disposable
camera. The impressive modes and settings are unfortunately let down by below
average imaging. I'm thinking of returning it and replacing for a similar sized Lumix
as, in my opinion, they're just better cameras.


Suspect image quality and considerable dely between pressing button and shot
actually being taken.

Pentax Optio S7
7 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 38 – 113 mm (3×)
Announced: Jul 24, 2006
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