Pentax Optio S7 review

Started Nov 29, 2006 | User reviews
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Pentax Optio S7 review

After looking for a Sony T-10 and Casio S770 I compared many pictures online and read a lot of reviews anf finally chose the Pentax S7. This because I already have a lot of Pentax accessories, SD cards and good experience with the Optio S4i. Further the price difference was too much. (S7=EUR 230, S770=310, T10=EUR320)

Some things I like about the Pentax:
-lightest & smallest cam
-DIVX movies good quality (with anti-shake)
-high & useable ISO (400&800, 1600 has too much noise)
-good flash for a compact cam
-auto focus while tracking a moving target
-excellent ergonomics & menu interface (I can't get used to Sony's menu)
-'green button' that seeks optimal settings (for beginners, not me)
-excellent value for money
-red eye removal funtion (that actually works!)
-afterward picture editing
-bright&big LCD (much better than the S4i)
-you can limit the focusing range of the lens in accordance with the shooting condition (handy when shooting in rooms/darkness/groups)
-no cradle anymore!


-battery life could be a bit better but has improved a lot since the S4i
-when the cam is focusing the image on the screen is still, so when in total darkness, you can't see the AF light on the screen itself. this has no influance on the actual picture
-not the best picture quality in it's class but this is only visible when fully zoomed in, in prints it's not noticable
-battery/memory cover is fragile (like on all small cams)

Pentax Optio S7
7 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 38 – 113 mm (3×)
Announced: Jul 24, 2006
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