Canon PowerShot A630 review

Started Nov 30, 2006 | User reviews
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Canon PowerShot A630 review

Shipped out from Gateway last month as a replacement for the A620 which I had waited on for two months. They switched to the newer model without consulting me first, but let me have it for $200.00 so I was happy.
Seems like a swell little camera, macro is very crisp, blur in lower light conditions is quite pronounced when using auto. Struggles with indoor basketball games on any setting, with or without tripod, needs lots of light!
The two nipples that poke up from the bottom of the swivel screen compartment have scratched off the silver finish already, what's their purpose?
The 16mb card is useless, I bought a 1GB Sandisk Ultra II which is fast and has enormous capacity.
AA Batteries were one of the deciding factors in purchasing this model. cheap and readily available. Four batteries last a long time when you use the viewfinder only.
All in all, fairly pleased. (Except for the shutter release/zoom assembly.)


The shutter release button/zoom lever assembly has become alarmingly loose, with an eighth of an inch play in all directions. Considering a return to the manufacturer if it worsens further.

Canon PowerShot A630
8 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 35 – 140 mm (4×)
Announced: Aug 24, 2006
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