Pentax Optio W10 review

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Pentax Optio W10 review

Bought this camera for photographing in the rain oder at the beach because it´s waterproof.
Image quality is surprisingly good although bright areas are a bit overexposured. So sometimes the colours look a bit strange.

Autofocus is fast and good, you can use different focus modes. Continuos performance is usable, the camera writes the images in the internal memory and after this on the card.

Video quality is ok, but you can hear the AF clicking when using the camera in a silent room. So if you are looking for a digicam with good video mode the W10 isn´t what you want.

Higher ISO settings are usable but don´t expect too much from ISO 800. The pictures look very grainy than.

Build quality is very good. And yes, I testet it and it´s waterproof. Only issue there is that some water will come in the loudspeaker(for the silly shutter sounds) and the microphone. Also some water was under the battery/card cover.

But overall it´s good to use in wet situations. For deeper waters than 150cm you have to buy an other camera with a real underwater case.

Battery is good für 200 shots and more. Interesting: Also the KLIC 7001 from Kodak fits there and works.

LCD is good but has a bit to low resolution.

Now, in June 2010 I should note that the camera still works fine after all the years. I think it has now around 15000 actuations.


I really miss manual settings for aperture and shuttertime.
Pentax has given the camera a lot ot silly auto exposure modes for a lot of situations, for example you can choose in pet mode if you photograph a cat or a dog. Oh yes, and if it´s white or black. Really!
*sarcasm* Hm, but I really miss a mode for poo? Whiy has Pentax not implemented this? *sarcasm off*

So you can only set ISO settings and only some image parameters. I use sport mode with continuos shooting to get good results from fast moving subjects.

Low light performance is not the best - slow lens.

Like said, the build quality is good but I think it is a problem that the lens has no cover, there is only a glass(the lens itself focusses and zooms internal) to protect it. So watch out that you don´t damage that glass although I think to fix this would become expensive.
So use a case for the cam!

Oh, and startup with a 4 GB card is very slow.

Pentax Optio W10
6 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 38 – 114 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 15, 2006
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