Samsung S730 review

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Samsung S730 review

This camera was purchased for the sole purpose of hanging out in my bag until those drunken party nights need to be documented. No doubt I'll find other daily uses for it, but lugging the DSLR kit around was not a great idea in every situation. This camera was $149.99 at Circuit City and came with a free 512mb SD card made by Polaroid.

Out of the box I felt the construction felt like a toy camera. It's definitely matte black plastic, but again for my needs it is ok. I am not convinced that the battery door will see many uses, which is a bad thing (read on).

The camera comes with tons of great features that the novice photographer will definitely enjoy. In-camera crop, edition, coloring, etc. with novelty frames and cartoon-type features is very cool considering it's a little camera, but all in all useless to me. As far as value goes, this is definitely the best sub $150 camera you can find I believe. That is sub $150 7mp.

There is a huge downside to this camera as far as I can see. I've blown through two sets of AA batteries since I got the camera. 23 photos 2/3rd with the flash and browsing through the features here and there and 4 batteries down the tube. I will keep the camera despite this little issue, but it's still kind of odd that it would blow through so many batteries so fast.

I highly recommend this as an everyday in your bag, purse, shoe type of camera and you really won't beat the price.


Runs through batteries as though Samsung has an in with Energizer to consume as many batteries as possible.

Samsung S730
7 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Announced: Jan 7, 2007
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