Sony Mavica FD-200 review

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Sony Mavica FD-200 review

The camera has a number of interesting features. You can shoot in Tiff mode instead of JPEG which yields uncompressed pics. There is a GIF clip mode which lets you shoot up to 10 shots and then it strings them together to make an animated GIF, advancing each shot in about 1/2 second. This is good for a web site. You can take a 2 megapixel shot and copy it to reduced 640x480 mode, which is also better for web sites. The camera itself doubles as a USB floppy drive, and when I plugged it in, it was assigned as drive A:, which is good for software installation. You can also duplicate floppy disks in camera without even being connected to a PC!

You really should get a Sony memory stick, even if it is lower capacity one. I have a 128mb stick which lets you store a lot of pics. Be sure to get the right type of memory stick as designated in the manual. You can't take the highest quality pictures with just the floppy disk, it is close, but not quite there, plus it is slower and uses more battery power. I really can't see using this camera when traveling, except local events, like a birthday party. There are better and newer cameras out there for that. It is big, bulky and the battery last for about 80 minutes of continuous use. It is better as a house or base station/studio camera. It has the 3:2 aspect ratio mode for precise printing of 4x6 prints, no top or bottom cut off on the prints. Even my Canon Powershot doesn't have that option. You can output to a TV via a cable which plugs into a standard RCA video in jack. It has a slideshow option to play back pics on the LCD, TV, or screen via a projector. The power supply charges the battery or runs the camera if you're doing the slide show or have it on a tripod. It has an MPEG4 movie mode but it has no sound and is only 15fps so don't expect much from it.

The picture quality varies depending on whether you use the zoom and how much light is available. Even without the zoom, there is too much noise and color aberration. This was a fairly common problem with 2mp cameras of this vintage. Just don't print over 4x6 and don't increase the magnification of the pictures when viewing on a monitor. I have found this camera to take nice people pictures, especially with flash indoors, as long as you don't use the zoom (which really isn't needed indoors). All zoom lenses are a compromise, and this (f3.8) one especially. I just don't use it unless I absolutely have to, since the 37mm lens has threads I mounted a 37-46 step up ring and use a 46mm telephoto lens. I also have a 46mm wide angle lens. The camera doesn't have an optical viewfinder but the 2 1/2 inch LCD is sizeable and has a nice backlight which helps when you are outside on sunny days.

The size and weight of the camera help to reduce camera shake. The macro function is excellent. It can focus to just under 2 inches. That is close. And the flash is adjustable to low power, so it doesn't wash out the details of the object. It takes very nice macro shots, better than my Canon Powershot. You can also control focus and exposure to a limited degree. It would be nice if newer cameras had all the features of this one.


None. You can get a higher capacity battery for increased usage time.

Sony Mavica FD-200
2 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 37 – 111 mm (3×)
Announced: Jan 8, 2002
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