Nikon D40X review

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Nikon D40X review

I've been shooting Nikon 5700, 8700 and other high end compacts but this is my first D-SLR. I outfitted the new body with the 18-200mm Nikon VR lens and have been very satisfied with the greater range at both ends of this zoom, both wider and higher power than my prior compacts. As a long time film shooter who transitioned to digital 6 years ago, this set up felt like coming home with rapid focus and instantaneous shots that I'd long ago forgotten possible. I still miss the flip out and rotate back of the Nikon compacts and the Electronic View Finder that allowed preview of shots and menu choices w/o removing my eye from the viewfinder but the proof of a camera is in the photo and the D40X surpasses all expectations. I do yearn for the split ring focus of 35mm film days which was more discerning than the 18-200mm. When using it for macro shots, it can be difficult to gauge the exact point of focus and I've learned to bracket focus a bit since the center focus target is too broad to effectively select smaller details but when it's on, it's great. Battery life if fantastic and I've taken more than 400 shots w/ and w/o flash and never had a low battery. Small, fast and capable and finished with Nikon quality lenses that for my money, can't be beat.


I've read of dust problems and can join in with my own dust problems which appeared with my first pictures of rainbows when I noticed 3-4 identical spots among 4-5 shots. I found a good squeegee cleaner and forged in to clean the sensor with good results, but after only a few shots, a new group of spots emerged. Upon close examination of the source, I saw that the black material lining the sensor cavity was HEAVILY contaminated with white residue as though wiped with a shop cloth. Some of these pieces were 1/8" or more. After using tweezers to pick off the larger pieces many small pieces remained. I used a wood stick and wrapped it with scotch tape, sticky side out then carefully rolled it around all sides of the enclosure being careful to avoid the sensor. When I finished, it was FILTHY with residue but after a final sensor cleaning, my spots have not returned after 500 or more photos. A letter to Nikon is planned. No other problems to date.

Nikon D40X
10 megapixels • 2.5 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Mar 6, 2007
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