Nikon D40X review

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Nikon D40X review

I have used this camera for a week. It is a second camera to a D200. By comparrison with the D200 it is a bit plasticky and the AF is not as good on moving targets; that was to be expected at this price and weight. The image quality remarkably is as good as the D200. Program shift in P mode is easy and effective, as is exposure compensation. It is not obvious that the viewfinder uses mirrors rather than a proper pentaprism; it is bright. The ratings I have given are irrespective of cost(except for value for money) and are comparing the D40X against the only other DSLR that I own and that cost more than twice as much.
The D40X meets its specifications. If the overiding quality of a camera is image quality then the D40X excels.


There are no separate buttons for white balance and iso although you can program the function button to allow adjustment of one of those parameters.
It is not possible to lock the rocker switch so the focus point can be locked when using single area AF.
There are not 3 separate histograms for R,G and B.

Nikon D40X
10 megapixels • 2.5 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Mar 6, 2007
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