Kyocera Finecam SL400R review

Started Jun 10, 2007 | User reviews
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Kyocera Finecam SL400R review

This is a review of an old camera that I am looking to replace. I love the size and the Wow Factor. You can't beat the look on people's faces the first time they see me bring it out of my pocket. I have been very happy with it except for a couple of issues; one of which requires me to replace it now. If I could find a new or barely used one I would purchase it in a heartbeat.

Pictures may not be perfect and it takes a little work to take pictures in low light. I could'nt be happier with pictures in daylight.

I will be replacing this camera with a pocketable point and shoot that has optical stabilization and hopefully uses AA batteries. This is a big request.


The movement of the body did cause some noise in the screen while taking pictures but they didn't affect the final pictures. The metal has really looked more and more worn over the years. The worse problem is that there is no cover for the lens unless you keep it in a case. I couldn't find a care that was a convenient as just pulling it out of my pocket. Over the years the lens has gotten more and more scratched; so much so that the pictures are starting to look fuzzy. Finally, you have to be very careful with the camera when taking pics with any compromise in light.

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Kyocera Finecam SL400R
4 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 35 – 115 mm (3.3×)
Announced: Feb 14, 2004
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