Nikon D2X review

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Nikon D2X review

Superb camera. It is my main camera for Weddings, Portraits, and advertising
work. The handling and speed of this camera suits me down to the ground and for
this reason I love the Nikon as opposed to any Canon alternatives, and yes, that is
even considering that the Nikon's are not as good with the noise but for me, there
is much much more that I want/need from a camera, before I get to noise.
Handling, speed, AF speed/tracking/low light, colours, resolution, sharpness and all
very very important to me and in this regard I don't think the D2X can be beaten.
In fact, in most circumstances during the day, and in studio or other situations
where flash can used, I still think that it does not get much better than the D2X.
Yes it is a bit noisy in the higher ISOs, but I still find it sharp and accurate (colour
wise) and actually, if you get you exposure right, it really is not as bad as everyone
would have you think. Yes, if you don't really know what you are doing with
metering and exposure and you get it wrong and have to brighten up a dark image,
you will get noisy images. But even in a worst case senario, I just use Neat Image
to clean the image up. Generally I use a D2x with 17-55 f2.8 and SB800 for 70%
of my wedding work. During ceremonies, the flash gets turned off, and I then use
the D2x right up to ISO800 and get great results. Once the ceremony is done, the
ISO goes right back down, flash on and off I go. I also use the D200 with a long
prime lens for other shots. Only a small number of my total shots need high ISO,
both at weddings and any with any other type of portrait work. I am regularly at
the back of a church, with a tripod, using low ISOs and longer shutter speeds
where people are still and get great results. I suppose if your work almost always
involved you taking high ISO no flash pics you would consider a cleaner Canon,
indoor sports springs to mind. But then, even the guy I got my D2x from said that
he really misses the sharpness and handling of the D2x.

Overall, I read a comment somewhere which I think sums it all up.......

D2x is king of the day (and any situation where you can use flash)

and Canon (for some) is king of the night (high ISO no flash).

Overall for me, I could afford to change to a Canon system with a MK3 and a 5D,
but I love what I have, get great results and love the handling of the whole system.


I did get the old "err" message on this model, and also had it on an older D1x, which,
on both occasions, meant a new shutter, which was not cheap but I think it is like
running a car, it needs servicing and looking after.

Also, you need to use the best lenses and have good technique with this camera. I
don't exactly know why, maybe its the high resolution and sharpness, but it will show
up a bad lens and camera shake etc more than older cameras (overall that is not really
a negative, as it is a pro camera after all).

Nikon D2X
12 megapixels • 2.5 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Sep 16, 2004
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