Canon PowerShot G7 review

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Canon PowerShot G7 review

Whether this camera works for you or not really depends on how you use it and what you use it for.

I don't like the bulk of DSLR so have only used the G5, G6, and G7. I use it for portrait travel photography and product shots.

For portrait photog I enjoy the nice F2-F3 lens of the G5 and G6 and miss that. It doesn't compare with a prime lens on dslr of course but it was the best of the compact bunch to be sure. The same can't be said of the G7. The big lens of the G5 and G6 is great for cutting dof (believe me with the focal factor you need every ounce you can get). The raw was especially useful for portrait photog in night scenes where you do 2nd curtain slow synch flash with 1/2 to 3 sec exposure. So often you don't quite get the exposure right so you bracket or cut exposure 2/3 to make sure highlights on face arent' blown and then you can adjust the raw image exposure later. For some great shots I would separate the portrait from the background and adjust the exposure separately then blend the selections together and the results are stunning. You can also do that in jpeg too in CS2 but I find that when I raise the exposure of jpeg I get a little more posterization esp of certain colours than I would with a raw file. So the raw is quiet useful for slow synch night portraits. So the loss of wide aperture lens and raw is regrettable.

For product shots, I mount the camera on tripod and angle it in various positions to take shots of products that I sell. In this regard, the twistout lcd was very very useful. Allows me to angle the lcd in such a way as to better see what I'm shooting so I'm not on my knees all the time. I set the resolution to 1024x768 jpg ready for direct posting to reduce my workflow so the 10MP isn't very useful to me in this regard but the vari angle lcd is invaluable or my knees would hurt and back would ache. For people who don't do product shots this wouldn't be a big deal not having the twistout lcd on the G7.

The grip on the G7 just doesn't quite work for me. The G7 isn't really a small compact that I can put in my shirt so it really could afford to be a little larger to allow for a bigger lens and better grip. Like Phil says, it's neither fish nor fowl.

It's nice to have 10MP but for my purposes where I usually print only 5x7 and occasionally 8x10 the G6 and even the G5 was more than adequate. The key to a good blowup is getting the focusing right in the first place. All the megapixels in the world won't save the image if it's focused poorly At least in this area, the G7 wins out over its predecessors, it focuses faster and more importantly how many times have you asked a stranger to take a shot of you and your family and they can't seem to get the focusing right. This is where the G7's face detection really comes in handy. This feature gets mocked but is really quite useful.

The ISO dial wasn't particularly useful as I always want best quality so set ISO at lowest setting. But I don't take much cocktail party pics in the evening which an iso dial and IS would be useful for someone who does.

In the end the G7 didn't satisfy my purposes as well as its predecessor. I can live with it but feel somewhat short changed in the "upgrade".

Bottom line, whether the G7 is the ultimate compact for you or not depends on how you use it and for what purpose. That said, though the G7 seems shortchanged compared to the G6, the G7 is still the most featured prosumer compact out there because there really is nothing else that quite compares to its feature set and build quality. And the pics are quite sharp without halos and well exposed and colors accurate.

Hope my review has offered some insights.

Canon PowerShot G7
10 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 35 – 210 mm (6×)
Announced: Sep 14, 2006
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