Samsung NV15 review

Started Oct 12, 2007 | User reviews
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Samsung NV15 review

This is in no way a "me too" camera. It is so different from the norm that it is quite a gamble for Samsung. The solid, mini rangefinder look they went after is magnificent. The menu system and usability are so different yet a head above anything I have ever used.

Photo quality is a subjective thing and this camera will be loved by some and hated by many. I would describe this as the anti-Fuji. Yes there is noise, even at ISO 100. BUT the Noise Reduction is kept from intruding on the overall rendering which is more natural and lifelike than I have been seeing in non DSLR cameras. It is both a compromise and a gamble, and I agree with what Samsung chose to do. It does fly in the face of the current trend of prefering oversaturated, plastic images above having some noise and a more natural photo. One does need to pixel peep to find the noise and ISO 400 is more than useful.

The video capabilities are more than what I expected. This little box produces a better looking video than my much larger digital camcorder. Zoom range is limited and sound is mono, but one can pause the video while recording and even do simple edits in the camera.


The wrist strap is too long. That actually is my biggest problem, so I really can not complain.

Samsung NV15
10 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 34 – 102 mm (3×)
Announced: Jul 30, 2007
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