Canon PowerShot A520 review

Started Oct 15, 2007 | User reviews
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Canon PowerShot A520 review

You mightn’t think it but this is an awesome, awesome bit of kit. Had mine for over two years, never getting rid of it. It takes better photos than pretty much any point and shoot Ive been able to compare it against on the same monitor. I recently bought a Canon A570IS to replace it and was in the lucky position of having both at the same time. I whipped around house and yard taking the same photo with both cameras and compared the two. The A570IS was sold on ebay a week later. I ‘think’ the reason the A520 is so good is because there aren’t too many megapixels crammed onto a tiny sensor. As a result, it has very low noise (graining). It’s also built like a little tank, have taken it into pits at concerts for Slayer, Machine Head, Tool and many more heavy bands where you pretty much get pummelled for several hours. Never missed a beat, and that’s the great thing about this camera, you can take it into places you would never take an SLR. And the very good news is that, if you can find one, theyre cheap! Great bit of kit


All to do with camera operation really. If youre using the flash, it’s more than 5 seconds between shots. The autofocus can take a long time to lock on to what you want. Sometimes, if youre using autoflash it will refuse to take the photo, so I just leave the flash ‘off’ or ‘on’. Maximum movie length is 30 seconds. And you get about 10 seconds of warning that the battery is about to die. It doesn’t win any beauty contests either, but the alternative is a fast, cool looking camera that impresses your friends and takes shite photos. Easy decision really

Canon PowerShot A520
4 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 35 – 140 mm (4×)
Announced: Feb 1, 2005
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