Kodak DC3200 review

Started Oct 29, 2007 | User reviews
DavidRusjan New Member • Posts: 2
Kodak DC3200 review

my first digital camera; and as it can be imagined, not as much pixel counted as todays, and so its production must be seen, through a certain eye of immagination. Otherwise pixel contrast and clarity in good light condition very good, as the mounted lenses and system produces very accurate colours. tons of batteries to be used. poor tranfer to PC via RS232. get a gig card and a nice ride. i could turn out a bang


picture transfer to computer
consumes 4 batteries very fast (appx. 50 pics)

Kodak DC3200
1 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 39 mm
Announced: Sep 23, 2000
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