Kodak DC3200 review

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Kodak DC3200 review

My first digicam too which I bought for £50 in '02 as an end-of-the-line Currys special offer. That was a real bargain then for a cam that produced really good pics.

I bought a set of NiMH batteries as ordinary alkalines didn't last very long and took it everywhere in the "boot" of my Suzuki Burgman until about a year later the cam started to produce very fuzzy pics. As it was still within the year's guarantee, I had my money back as Currys had no 3200 to replace it. Traded up to a Fuji A303 which I still have working fine.

I do have many great nostalgic pics to look back on so I feel I really had my money's worth.


No problems with the cam whilst it was working properly and the failure could, just could, have been due to vibration despite the cam always being wrapped in a towel whilst being transported.

Kodak DC3200
1 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 39 mm
Announced: Sep 23, 2000
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