Samsung i85 review

Started Nov 17, 2007 | User reviews
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Samsung i85 review

I have had this camer for a week or so. The camera is well built very solid, but a bit heavy. I never used to like the style of the cameras with no extending lens. I really like the looks of this camera. Its picture quality is great. The prints look fabulous. I had a Sony t100 and returned it because of the high iso noise in the pictures. The Samsungs colors are accurate and not artificial like most of the sonys colors. The start up time is a bit slower than the canon or the sony but it is not that much slower. The flash recovery is also about 2 seconds slower than my Canons recovery. The flash is excellent for a pocket camera. Much better than the canon and better than the sony as well. The 5x optical zoom is a plus and the 3" screen is large. Its face tracking is a nice plus on close ups. The ASR anti shake reduction was not impressive. The Canons and Sonys use optical reduction. The Samsung uses software and I noticed noise and blur when using this feature.

The videos are very nice in good lighting situations such as outdoors. Most cameras video is dark indoors because of the absence of a built in light. The Samsung is able to zoom optically during recording a movie. This feature is missing in the Canons' cameras. The Samsung also has a great feature that most don't, the ability to pause during movies so you don't end up with 10 small movies. Also, there is no ten minute limit during recording like the Sony. The movie format is much more compressed than my Canon. With a 4gb card and the Canon I can hold about 35 minutes of video. With the Samsung and a 4gb card it is about 2.5 hours of video. Unlike my Canon the samsung can remove red eye and you can change the brightness and contrast of the shot. Its menu is simple and well organized as well. The Canon lets you know how many minutes of recorded video are left on the card. The Samsung does not do this although there is a bar graph on the bottom of the screen that will give you an idea of when you are getting close to the end of the storage space. The screen is large and bright. The battery has to be charged while in the camera. There is no separate charger. I am sure Ebay will have something though. It has mp3 cababilities and video playback as well, but I am not really interested in those features so I can't even give an opinion. I miss the switch like the Canons have to easily change from photos to videos to playback. Another feature I liked about the canons was the ability to lock the last picture on the LCD until the shutter is half pressed. For $240 this camera is hard to beat I recommend it to anyone.

well built
picture quality is excellent
3" screen
5x optical zoom
face tracking works on close up portraits
in camera red eye removal that works well

no separate battery charger
slower flash recovery
no sd card time remaining on the movie mode
no toggle switch between video, photos, and playback
ASR feature is not impressive
No Live Histogram
Ability to delete the last picture taken without going to play mode

Samsung i85
8 megapixels • 3 screen • 36 – 108 mm (3×)
Announced: Jul 30, 2007
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