Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P73 review

Started Dec 13, 2007 | User reviews
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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P73 review

My second Sony camera, bought in Jan 2005.
It looks a bit cheap, with lots of plastic, and it was actually cheap, but I took more than 10,000 snaps with it, traveled everywhere in various difficult conditions and it still works fine, just like the DSC-P72 I had bought in 2003.
Beware: after 9999 shots, the picture's number is reset to 1, despite the presence of a … useless … extra digit.

The camera is light and fits easily into jeans’ pocket thanks to its shape, but doesn't offer a very good grip compared to the DSC-P72.
The only other criticism I can have is that, at ISO 400, the pictures become quite noisy, despite obvious NR artifacts (the sensor being rather small, especially compared to the - more expensive - DSC-P93).
Also, it is only a 38-39 mm equivalent camera ... 35 mm would have been a plus.

For the rest, it produces good quality pictures and offers a wide range of options that can be easily accessed, including a fully manual mode and a real spot measuring mode.
I particularly appreciate this versatility that will satisfy novice and non-novice users.
The flash works fine, though I sometimes got badly focused pics, with a particularly effective red eyes reduction system and a reasonable flash recycle time.
The autonomy is excellent with the 2 rechargeable AA batteries and a good AA + AAA charger is included.

After 3 years of intensive use, it's still my preferred cam in many circumstances since even 2007's low-end cams don't offer any real added value compared to it, besides a few extra megapixels, and generally lack important features such as an optical viewfinder and the use of "standard" batteries.


I'll encounter problems the day it breaks.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P73
4 megapixels • 1.5 screen • 39 – 117 mm (3×)
Announced: Feb 11, 2004
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