Olympus FE-190 review

Started Jan 13, 2008 | User reviews
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Olympus FE-190 review

I got this camera a year ago. I was just looking for a little, pocket-sized, walk-around snapshot camera to replace my older and bulkier Minolta point-and-shoot. So expectations were not high. Even so, this camera really disappoints.
The Image Stabilization is non-existant. I don't have a very steady hand and about half my photos come out blurred, even with IS on. The red-eye reduction also does not seem to work. I took a photo at a restaurant, with the red-eye and IS turned on and everyone around the table had red-eye and the photo turned out a little blurry. Plus, the time the camera takes to focus and set up the shot is very slow. It really doesn't work well for fast-moving subjects.
I wouldn't recommend this camera to anyone.


Image Stabilization does not work.
Red eye reduction doesn't work.
Focus and shot set-up is quite slow.

Olympus FE-190
6 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 38 – 114 mm (3×)
Announced: Aug 24, 2006
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