Pentax K200D review

Started Mar 6, 2008 | User reviews
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Pentax K200D review

Pentax is a good manufacturer, like the other famous brands and as a user of Pentax i can say i think this camera is not an exception and gave good results, but if i must choose i go for K20d.
(I used Pentax K10D, ist* D, ist* DS and *ist DL2.)

I like to compensate the score of StaticVision, who is not realy objective. (maybe it is better for dpreview to remove his comment, its a fan of another brand) I not own this camera.

But..... i try out something on it and mij first impression is this. At this price you get one of the best cameras of the market. In this price-class no other brand has weaters- seals. It has shake-reduction, so the price of the objectives is not so high.


The viewfinder is not so big as i pleased. Not like ist d or K10d.

Yes, the lens collection is not so big as the competision. But it growns still. And for normale basic use you can get more than enough by Pentax. Independent manufacturers like Sigma, Tamron have the rest if you need it.

Pentax K200D
10 megapixels • 2.7 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Jan 23, 2008
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