Canon PowerShot A530 review

Started Jun 29, 2008 | User reviews
Alexandre Jorge New Member • Posts: 4
Canon PowerShot A530 review

Great camera. Low price with good image quality, and lots of features and controls.

It does not have Tv and Av modes like other A5xx, but at least it has the M (full manual) mode, for that creative photo you wouldn´t get otherwise. In most times I use the P mode, that gives the ideal balance between control and automatism, for me.
(BTW, in this camera the diaphragm only has 2 different apertures per zoom setting... so it would not make much sense an Av and Tv mode anyway, imho)

The body is plastic but sturdy. The LCD is well protected.

5MP is more than enough for everyday photos. Most pictures I take using the 3MP setting.

The camera is fast to review and browse recorded photos (with a high speed SD card).

Some people complain about its battery meter, but I found no problem... I only noticed it is very sensitive to dirty contacts, though. Since the indicator is quite "binary", always carry a spare set of charged batteries.


The lens is a bit too soft in telephoto (especially in the lower-right corner).

The LCD screen has low resolution... it is almost impossible to adjust manual focus with it.

Video mode has a strange (but very slight) cycling backgound noise... maybe an artifact from internal audio resampling.

Sometimes the lens cover does not open completely, maybe some dust accumulated in its mechanism... Fortunately, that is very rare to occur, and turning the camera off and then on again solves the problem.

Canon PowerShot A530
5 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 35 – 140 mm (4×)
Announced: Feb 21, 2006
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