Ricoh GR Digital II review

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Ricoh GR Digital II review

It's hard to rate this camera as it sits in a very small niche. When I bought it the
other option was essentially the Panasonic LX2 (which I own) and the upcoming
Sigma DP1. But it is clearly the more compact of the two - I can easily throw it in
my pocket. The build quality is excellent and the controls are intuitive in a way that
other cameras aren't. I can essentially shoot whatever I want in a variety of setting
without ever having to access the menu. The camera performs fast enough -
especially if the focus is manually set (or SNAP). The lack of optical viewfinder has
never been an issue as the camera isn't ever used in static, posed photography. It's
the perfect quick snap candid camera.

The image quality is good - better than the LX2 in low light settings. The jpgs can
be sharp and the noise acceptable. The RAW files allow even better results - and
ultimately that's the bonus of this camera. Having RAW format for such a small, yet
intuitive tool is a pleasure.

Finally the fixed wide angle lens means it's not the camera for all situations. My
reasoning is that I primarily shoot wide - I love the format, which allows you to get
close to your subject and fill the frame. But it's not for everyone. It's a special,
unique little tool for the type of person who knows why he or she wants it.

Ricoh GR Digital II
10 megapixels • 2.7 screen • 28 mm
Announced: Oct 30, 2007
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